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Are we the right music school for you?

Since 1994 we have helped thousands of students begin and continue on their musical journey. We offer private music lessons on piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, and violin, as well as preschool music classes – All in one location!  We know you are busy and it can be very hard to find a reliable music teacher. That’s why we go above and beyond to find the BEST music teachers in Georgetown and Halton Hills–so you don’t have to!

While you are here researching the best school for you, please consider the benefits of becoming an Academy of Music student and find out why the Academy is the best choice for your family.

11 Benefits of becoming an Academy student

1. Music lessons is all we do!  Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice, Violin, and Preschool Music.
We are the only music school in Georgetown where 100% of our attention is on teaching music.  We are not a retail store that also has lessons in tiny rooms with little or no accountability from the instructors.  At the Academy of Music, providing you with a great music learning experience is our #1 priority!

2. Highly qualified teachers
Our teachers have received their education from prestigious institutions such as York University, Western University, Humber College, Mohawk College, and the University of Toronto. Many of our instructors have gone on performance tours of Canada and the US, and have over 25 years of professional performance and teaching experience.  Our music teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. In addition to their teaching credentials, our music teachers have warm personalities, great attitudes, and are extremely dedicated to sharing their love of music with their students.

3. Musical Ladder System
We are the only music school in Georgetown that gives their students the opportunity to earn special colour wristband bracelets (kids and teens love them!), trophies, AND certificates for passing musical tests.  Do other schools offer prizes and certificates? A few. But none of them inspire their students by giving them full colour, really cool “Musical Ladder” wristbands that they can show off to their friends. The Musical Ladder is our unique method of music education that you can only get here.

More importantly when our students have a test coming up, they practice more, their parents are proud, their teachers are proud, and everybody wins. You can only get the Musical Ladder here. Learn more about the Musical Ladder System.

4. Music lessons for all ages
Take a walk through our school and you’ll see children & adults of all ages experiencing the joy of music. In fact, we have many students as young as 2 and students in their 70’s learning music for the first time.

Adults: It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument. We welcome beginners and all levels, no matter what your age!

5. A proven track record of excellence
The Academy of Music in Georgetown along with our sister school in Oakville have taught over 5000 students since opening in 1994.

6. Open door policy
You are welcome to sit in and observe your child’s lessons at any time. If you prefer, you can wait in our spacious waiting area and enjoy personal time.

7.  Professional office staff  6 days a week to serve you.
We are the only music school in Georgetown that offers full time professional customer service for their students Monday through Friday as early as 9:00 a.m. to as late as 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Many music studio desks are staffed by the teacher/owner or more commonly an answering machine. We have 5 office team members who are available at the front desk during all teaching hours and live phone service all day to assist our clients quickly and professionally.

8. Free music recitals in a beautiful church right here in Georgetown!
Every parent just wants to know how their child is doing and if they are really progressing. One of the best ways for a parent to understand if their investment in lessons is really worth it, is to have their child participate in a recital.

In April and December many of our students choose to perform in our biannual recitals. We hold these at a beautiful church with all the equipment necessary to make you sound great. The recitals are held right here in Georgetown so you don’t have to travel for a world class recital experience.

For our students these recitals are free and unlike many schools in Georgetown we do not charge for recital participation or admission fees.

9. Picture Day
We are the only music school in Georgetown that offers a picture day for their students.

Every May we host a free picture day with a professional photographer. This is a service that our student’s parents love as they all want quality photos of their children. Adults are welcome too! Students can bring their instruments to the photo shoot and wear whatever they like.

10. Convenient Location
The Academy of Music is located in St. Andrew’s United Church – 89 Mountainview Rd S at Sinclair and is very convenient for North and South Georgetown, Acton and most of Halton Hills.

11. Month to Month Lessons
The Academy does not require full semester registration for lessons. Every student here is on a month-to-month basis.

If you are ready to start, you have nothing to lose as we only want students who truly want to be here and we will not commit you to a long term contract

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